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Architects, designers, and urban planners can access high resolution content at their fingertips. Construction, development and engineering professionals gain clear oversight of their project environments in a variety of detailed formats. Asset owners and managers see their properties in fine detail and gain insight into how changes in environment may impact them.

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The range and locations of Geocirrus content is extensive and always growing. We regularly capture and process our survey data to ensure our aerial imagery, LiDAR data, 3D mesh models and building models reflect changes in the real-world environments.

We want our Geocirrus content to meet your needs. If you need content of a particular location or certain type that is currently unavailable, then let us know.

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Geocirrus - 3D Models for Architects

Whether you’re a developer, architect, or urban planner, you need accurate 3D building models for feasibility studies, concept design, and development application (DA) preparation.

Geocirrus 3D models are a purpose-fit spatially accurate representation of your site, built to exacting standards, assured by rigorous quality management processes.

From local government to major architectural firms, Geocirrus 3D models serve as a single point of truth for some of the most significant projects in Australia, and the world.

Geocirrus in action

High resolution 3D mesh models

Use Geocirrus to analyse, measure and plan using a realistic and spatially accurate representation of the real world.

Realistic 3D city modelling

Explore the current status of the built environment in fine detail to enhance future design, construction and ongoing management.


View comprehensive imagery of locations and assets that you can use to perform measurements of environmental and built features.


Detailed models of the earth’s surface and buildings captured via LiDAR that provide you with high levels of height accuracy.


Virtual cities in high resolution

Geocirrus 3D building models provide you with a three-dimensional, spatially accurate representation of buildings. To help meet the needs of you project, these models are provided in different levels of detail (LOD1/LOD2/LOD3).

Whether you’re a developer, architect, engineer or urban planner, our 3D building models help you make smart decisions.

Our building model geometry is constructed from aerial imagery as a series of planar faces representing the shape of the outside of the building. The textures are then applied by reprojecting the relevant parts of the same set of images onto each planar face, one at a time.

Geocirrus 3D models are available in 3DS, OBJ, GDB, and SLPK formats, while other formats are available on request.


High resolution 3D mesh models

Geocirrus 3D mesh models provide you with a realistic and spatially accurate representation of the real world. The model is generated from vertical and oblique imagery in Woolpert’s semi-automated processing workflow. Woolpert has decades of experience in capturing, processing and delivering high resolution mesh models.

A wide range of industries can benefit from using 3D mesh models. Uses include: urban planning, smart cities, asset management, engineering, telecommunication, property assessment and inspection, and many more using 3D GIS content and applications.

When combined with 3D building models, or other GIS 3D/2D layers, a Geocirrus 3D mesh model offers actionable intelligence. You can take advantage of the full context of reality when analysing, measuring, planning or sharing the data.

You can obtain 3D mesh models from Geocirrus in 3DML, SLPK and OBJ formats.


Highly accurate LiDAR data

Geocirrus content includes Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data. Geocirrus LiDAR  datasets have been captured by Woolpert using airborne, terrestrial and mobile laser scanning systems.

Woolpert introduced the use of LiDAR technology in aerial surveying to the APAC region in 1998. We continue to pioneer cutting edge LiDAR technology, including the latest generation of LiDAR sensors for data capture.

Woolpert is also at the forefront of LiDAR processing technology. LiDARnetics, our trademarked automated LiDAR processing system, leverages cloud-based processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to process LiDAR data quickly and accurately. Rigorous QA processes are executed by Woolpert’s global team of LiDAR specialists, so that human intervention is utilised as needed to validate the accuracy of the data. By combining the power of computer processing and human expertise, we produce and deliver high-accuracy and low-noise LiDAR data.

Geocirrus LiDAR data is available in LAS 1.2 / 1.4, LAZ format options.


The real world seen from above

Aerial imagery provides a photographic record of the earth’s surface taken at specific point in time. This information is useful for managing and tracking changes of the natural and built environments. Our Geocirrus imagery is also used as a visual tool to communicate complex concepts or problems to developers, planners, decision makers and the wider community.

Woolpert has 60 plus years experience in aerial imagery capture, processing and delivery. Our Aerial Survey services and imagery data are used by governments, emergency services, resources, infrastructure and engineering.

Geocirrus aerial imagery formats include Tiff, Jpg2000, and ECW.


Geocirrus content is used by business and government as their single point of truth. Our geospatial data helps to make smarter decisions. It underpins the success of critical projects in planning, design, construction and management. We regularly update our Geocirrus content to ensure it is accurate, relevant and up-to-date.

The Geocirrus difference

Superior images from high definition photographic equipment.

Cloud computing plus expertise means content processed to the highest standards.

Geocirrus imaging of major centres is refreshed regularly.

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Geocirrus – powered by Woolpert

The extensive catalogue of Geocirrus content is powered by Woolpert. 

Woolpert is a leading provider of geospatial information and professional services. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of geospatial services including surveying, mapping, and the production and implementation of geographic information systems (GIS). How we capture, process and deliver geospatial data is grounded in expertise from decades of experience. The end result is our high quality Geocirrus content, utilised by a wide variety of clients in various industries.

Woolpert can also deliver custom geospatial data and solutions. Visit the Woolpert website to see how we can help you.

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