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About Geocirrus 3D models

Geocirrus 3D models are three-dimensional, spatially accurate representations of buildings.

Whether you’re a developer, architect, or urban planner, you need accurate 3D building models for feasibility studies, concept design, and development application (DA) preparation.

Woolpert is a leading provider of geospatial information and professional services. Geocirrus 3D models are built on over 60 years of experience and innovation in surveying, mapping, and the production and implementation of geographic information systems (GIS). Woolpert clients in various industries use high-quality Geocirrus data. From local government to major architectural firms, Geocirrus 3D models serve as a single point of truth for some of the most significant projects in Australia, and the world.

How Architects and Urban Designers benefit from Geocirrus 3D models

Simplify project cycle and pick what’s right for you

Geocirrus 3D models are available in either mesh models or individual buildings, modelled as separate CAD objects. In the latter, existing blocks can be taken out quickly and easily to integrate your design into the environment.

Design with certainty

Determine reduced levels, conduct shadow analysis, sunlight studies and skyview factors. Precision counts in contextual analysis, especially when seeking council approval. A few millimetres can make a big difference. Geocirrus 3D models are built to exacting standards, assured by rigorous quality management processes.

Visualise your design in stunningly detailed context

Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are produced and provided for your Area of Interest (A.O.I.). Detailed topography and landscapes bring your design to life. As textured Geocirrus 3D models are built from nadir and oblique imagery, finer details look realistic even when zooming in or viewed from an angle.

Why choose Geocirrus 3D models


Geocirrus 3D models are a purpose-fit spatially accurate representation of your site. 3D models are built on a comprehensive geospatial analysis of your area of interest.

Various formats

Geocirrus 3D models can be provided in different levels of detail (LOD1/LOD2/LOD3) as either textured or untextured objects. Most industry formats are supported including 3DS, OBJ, GDB and SLPK formats. Other formats available on request.

Flexible pricing

Only pay for what you need, with the ability to purchase an entire city or just a few blocks. Our models can also be property aligned (cut to the cadastre) if required. Other customisations available on request to ensure the models meet your needs.

Flexible licensing

Need resources for a one off project? Models available on perpetual licenses, or subscription based if regular updates are required for ongoing projects.

Geocirrus 3D models level of details​

LOD1 - Preparation and Brief


A model communicating the performance requirements and site constraints
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LOD 2 - Concept Design


A conceptual or massing model intended for whole building studies, including basic areas & volumes, orientation, and cost.
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LOD3 - Development Design


Generalized systems with approximate quantities, size, shape, location, and orientation.
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Need us to capture something different?

The range and locations of Geocirrus 3D data is extensive and always growing. We regularly capture and process geospatial data to ensure our aerial imagery, LiDAR data, 3D reality mesh and building models reflect changes in real-world environments.

Ortho Imagery

LiDAR Point Cloud


3D Reality Mesh

Oblique Imagery

Get 3D building models for all major metropolitan & urban areas







Gold Coast




Need even more detail?

TLS and 3D models of Melbourne CBD block

This project is one of a series completed by Woolpert throughout Australia for our client, Architectus.

We deployed our specialist land survey team to undertake Terrestrial Laser Scanning of a Melbourne CBD block to assist with a major property development. This valuable geospatial data provided a higher level of detail at street level, which complemented larger scale Geocirrus 3D building models.



"Very happy with the accurate, detailed and functional 3D Building Models we sourced from Geocirrus. Our software was readily compatible with the formats provided by Woolpert."
Karolin Hughes | BIM Senior Lead
Architectus Digitial

Industry leaders using Geocirrus 3D models

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