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Mary - GIS Manager

Hi, my name’s Mary and I’m the GIS manager at a city council. I was finding it hard to manage the increasing GIS demands from within council, while providing more information to the public.  Our existing system couldn’t provide that level of functionality and I didn’t have the resources to develop anything new.

I was also coming to the end of our 3-year hardware upgrade cycle and IT had frozen capital budgets, so I knew I had to do something.  The day after new council rates were announced, our public GIS web map was hit hard. Our existing hardware wasn’t able to cope and our server performance was terrible. To be frank, it was embarrassing. We received a lot of complaints that day.

Following that incident, I was at a GIS conference and came across GEOCIRRUS. Being a SaaS solution, I didn’t need capital budget for new hardware. And, because it’s cloud-based with high availability, the service handles unexpected peaks in demand.

I quickly realised the difference GEOCIRRUS would make to our ratepayers, so  I started with GEOCIRRUS Edge. It’s a really powerful web GIS viewer that enables our ratepayers to view their land parcel, services, and submit development applications.  Our staff can also view details of council assets.

Setting it up was a breeze. I met with some of the GEOCIRRUS team and was relieved they understood council GIS.  We worked out the layers I needed, what I wanted the system to do, and that was it.  The team set up the system and, before I knew it, I was up and running.  Data was hosted, map services created and the web GIS configured. Plus, I didn’t need to buy a new server or software.

I have since started to use other areas of the GEOCIRRUS family.  In particular, GEOCIRRUS Link has been amazing. It’s like having your very own team of GIS professionals.  I send them a job, whether it’s data processing, analysis or map-making, and the results I want are sent right back.  It’s great for easing pressure within my own team when things get really busy.

GEOCIRRUS makes us more efficient, and our service is much more responsive and stable. My team’s happy, my manager’s happy and the public are happy. I can’t ask for anything more.