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GEOCIRRUS hosts and streams premium content from

  • AAM’s extensive catalogue of premium base maps, aerial and terrain data and 3D models, delivered using recognized industry standard formats, such as the Esri REST service, or open standards such as WMS, WFS, or WMTS.
  • Leading satellite imagery providers.
  • Your own datasets. GEOCIRRUS is a secure, cost-effective storage solution that eliminates the need for in-house infrastructure and IT resources.

High Resolution Aerial Imagery


Premium, high resolution airborne orthoimagery

This accurate, cloud-free product is an essential authoritative basemap for your corporate CAD, GIS system, and web maps.

Interrogate, verify, measure, and map from high-resolution imagery, ranging from 5 – 25 cm spatial resolution.

Satellite Imagery


Satellite imagery for any global location for a broad range of applications and use cases

Leverage the extensive imagery archive from DigitalGlobe and Planet. Access current and historic, high resolution, high accuracy, multispectral imagery at the click of a button.

Elevation and Topography


3D Surfaces and Digital Terrain Models

A 3D representation of the earth’s surface, for natural and built environment, in your preferred format: Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), contours, LiDAR point clouds, and more.

Data sources can are airborne LiDAR and imagery, unmanned aircraft (UAV), satellite, ground based or mobile laser scanning.

Airborne Thermal Infrared and UV Imagery


Infrared spectrum digital aerial imagery for use in energy, environmental, agricultural and forestry applications.

3D City Models


3D, accurate photorealistic city models

3D city models, a visualisation of the built and natural environment, are available in LOD 1-4, using traditional formats for desktop applications or as GIS webscenes using REST.

View 3D city models, level of detail (LOD) in action AAM Geo3D LOD Model Options.

LOD3 City Models


AAM’s visually appealing textured and untextured 3D city models are spatially accurate (+/-0.15m – 0.5m) that support planning, urban design and property development applications and major infrastructure projects.

LOD1 Massing Models


AAM’s LOD1 detail-reduced datasets with extruded building footprint are ideal for master planning and context visualisation.