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John – Engineer

I’m John, a civil engineer who works on construction projects across the country. We always capture aerial imagery before (and often during and after) each project to ensure everyone is working from a consistent, up-to-date dataset. As you can imagine, this imagery soon adds up, and it’s often distributed across our own and the client’s GIS or CAD. Not only do we have to publish data in different formats, which is time consuming to manage, but the wider team could also be using different spatial information.
A colleague put me on to GEOCIRRUS Origin, which we now use for our orthoimagery, terrain (LiDAR) and 3D modelling. Having the datasets readily available was critical in the feasibility stages of a recent tunnelling project. During early decision-making and startup design works, the availability of up-to-date and accurate spatial information enabled confident decision-making and significantly reduced site visits. Having a single location for stakeholders to access data was also invaluable, with a team of 40 involved in site establishment, traffic planning, heritage, environment and strategic planning.

Using the GEOCIRRUS Edge web viewer, we were able to access mobile laser scanning (MLS) point clouds over all the roads within the project zone. This was streamed to our desktop or tablet, if we were on site. It allowed us to effectively convey complex design options, operational challenges and staging problems to stakeholders and decision-makers. All users were on the same page without having multiple copies of data spread across internal networks. GEOCIRRUS helped during the design phase and, as construction ramps up, the system is now being used to house many other datasets critical to daily decision-making.