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Patel – Manager Asset and Network Planning

I’m Patel and I manage the assets of a large electricity distribution company. With increasing pressure on costs, my company has turned to gathering more spatial data to help make better asset management decisions. The extra data and information is great, but our GIS team’s first priority was to support network and corridor planning. They didn’t have the resources to manage our data, so utilising the data to its full potential was becoming a problem.

Management was not convinced on cloud computing, so we built our system in stages. We started with GEOCIRRUS Origin, which simply involved us loading our spatial data into the cloud. We had fast and easy access to our georeferenced LiDAR point clouds, thermal imagery and high resolution structure photos. We were able to add high resolution background imagery, which gave our work crews location information for identified network faults. We then added and integrated our asset GIS data with the other data sources. Moving to the cloud reduced our IT hardware and support costs and the time it takes to make a new data set available.

Not all of our departments had access to GIS software, so we added a mapping interface with GEOCIRRUS Edge. Now, everyone with a web-browser (and a password) can use the spatial and textual data we have. Management is happy that more people are getting to use the corporate GIS data, without having to pay for additional licenses. Plus, there has been less duplication in commissioning bespoke surveys and greater ROI on the investment in spatial data.

Our most recent upgrade was to implement workflows with GEOCIRRUS Node. This involved integrating fault reports with maintenance work orders in a format suitable for our Ellipse enterprise asset management. Then we added a workflow that called third party data analytics to optimise risk profiles for our vegetation management programmes. These integrations have really reduced the time and effort to create maintenance and vegetation trimming work orders.